Tips and Beauty Myths About Lash Extensions

Some things to consider before your first lash set.

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I’m no stranger to strip lashes. I used to wear them everyday. Before I knew a thing about lighting or that beauty influencing could be a thing, I shared a Youtube video with how to apply lashes beneath the lash line. Applying lashes beneath the lash line is beyond seamless, but it’s not a step to rush. Rushing leads to lash glue in the eyes.  I can’t claim the extra 5 minutes for a flawless application. I have a full set of lashes. They are thick and curly. But because of the curl pattern, I don’t get the length I like. And I have tried all the mascaras: the ones that claim to plump, thicken, or lengthen. I’ve tried primers and ones that oscillate. I don’t care if they come from a drugstore or if they are luxury mascaras, I don’t discriminate. And whatever, I’ll wear them but it does feel as if my lashes were thinner and shedding more frequently even after using gentle eye makeup removers.

It only made sense for me to be interested in lash extensions. I was hesitant about lash extensions because I heard mixed feedback and I’ve seen some very mixed results. But after visiting lash expert Cheri of Lash & Beauty Lab for my first set, I’ve become a believer. So I debunked the top 4 beauty myths I’ve heard about lash extensions.

1. Lash Extensions Require A Lot of Upkeep

I love how lash extensions make your eyes look larger and more rested. I can roll out of bed, put on a shirt, and step into a Zoom meeting with some chapstick, moisturizer, and feel put together. It is my understanding, the whole point of lash extensions is to eliminate the need for mascara. As instructed, I ran a clean mascara wand through my set at least once a day. Avoid rubbing your eyes, which should be fairly easy to do as part of the pandemic prevention includes not touching our faces. Additionally, keep oils and creams away from the lash area. That’s really it. Easy peasy.

Four Beauty Myths About Lashes Examined

2. They Make Your Real Lashes Fall Out

This kept me from trying lash extensions sooner. Our lashes have a 60-90 cycle of growing and falling out. The extension is applied to the base of your natural lash so the lash and extension will fall out together as a part of the natural process. Because you’re not wearing mascara (if so, just on the tip of the extensions), natural lashes actually grow in stronger and fuller.

But I’m going to be transparent and say my eyes were frequently teary throughout the few weeks that I wore them. I’ve learned this could be for two reasons: a single lash could have been placed incorrectly OR a possible glue sensitivity. It wasn’t like irritation, but annoying at times, as I wouldn’t always feel it.

3. Lash Extensions Look Too Fake

There are so many types of lashes to choose from. For instance, Lash & Beauty Lab had 4 different curl patterns to choose from. After they’ve helped you select the type, they help to select the style from the very natural to the very dramatic. I went for something natural with a hint of drama. I usually we strip lashes, remember?

If I decide to get lash extensions again, I’ll add more cat eye to my lash set. I appreciate the way Lash & Beauty Lab had the perfect curl, style, and even lash color to suit my taste and lifestyles. Because many salons have a signature look, checking Instagrams and websites before booking an appointment is highly recommended.

4. Lash Extensions Are Too Expensive

I don’t speak on another person’s pocketbook. That and, price is subjective. The loyal lash client sees their lash technician every 3 weeks for a fill which is about $80-$120 after the initial $150-$250 for a full set. There are certainly cheaper price points, but again, do your research. Quality costs. And experience matters. Plus you’re worth it.

At 4 weeks, I had some minor lash loss but nothing noticeable. In fact, I especially liked the end of the lash extension cycle because of how natural they looked. The lashes I’ve lost so far have left no obvious gaps or spaces in my lashes. Curiosity wants me to ride this set out to the very end to see how long a super lazy person (me) could get away with before they need to be removed or replaced.

UPDATE: I went ahead and waited it out. At about 5 and a half weeks, there were visible gaps between lashes and I removed the lashes with patience and waterproof eye makeup remover.

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  • Svetlana
    9 months ago Reply

    I love the way you speak so candidly on lash extensions!

  • Molli
    9 months ago Reply

    Great content! Is Lash & Beauty Lab still open to new clients?

    • David Alexander
      9 months ago Reply

      Yes they are! They’re part of PDX Beauty Collective now.

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